SaliencyInterpreter(self, predictor:allennlp.predictors.predictor.Predictor) -> None

A SaliencyInterpreter interprets an AllenNLP Predictor's outputs by assigning a saliency score to each input token.


SaliencyInterpreter.saliency_interpret_from_json(self, inputs:Dict[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]

This function finds a modification to the input text that would change the model's prediction in some desired manner (e.g., an adversarial attack).


  • inputs : JsonDict The input you want to interpret (the same as the argument to a Predictor, e.g., predict_json()).


interpretation: JsonDict Contains the normalized saliency values for each input token. The dict has entries for each instance in the inputs JsonDict, e.g.,{instance_1: ..., instance_2:, ... }. Each one of those entries has entries for the saliency of the inputs, e.g., `{grad_input_1: ..., grad_input_2: ... }`.