Event2MindPredictor(self, model:allennlp.models.model.Model, -> None

Predictor for the event2mind model.


Event2MindPredictor.predict(self, source:str) -> Dict[str, Any]

Given a source string of some event, returns a JSON dictionary containing, for each target type, the top predicted sequences as indices, as tokens and the log probability of each.

The JSON dictionary looks like:

.. code-block:: js

    `${target_type}_top_k_predictions`: [[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6], ...],
    `${target_type}_top_k_predicted_tokens`: [["to", "feel", "brave"], ...],
    `${target_type}_top_k_log_probabilities`: [-0.301, -0.046, ...]

By default target_type can be xreact, oreact and xintent.